It's with heavy hearts that we’re announcing the closure of the Tom, Dick and Sally website.

We set out to change online dating for the LGBT+ world. We wanted to offer a healthy, supportive environment for LGBT+ people to come together and find true love. We hoped to provide an alternative to hook-up sites and the straight-focussed big dating companies.

Despite lots of success we’ve learned that a subscription-free dating site, however good it is, will never be able to compete with the big names out there. They invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in marketing their products every month. And most of them charge users either monthly or for premium services; revenue which is then ploughed back into their ad campaigns. We’d hoped David could win against Goliath, but this time it wasn’t to be. Our tiny start-up just couldn’t compete.

What we did accomplish is nothing to sniff at.

  • We attracted almost 10,000 members – all with fully free use of the site.
  • We helped numerous couples get together and we were instrumental in at least two marriages, yay!

And for that, it was worth giving it a shot.

What happens next?

We have removed all access to the website and removed all data from the database, so no one can access your profile.

With love,
The Founders of Tom, Dick and Sally